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Breville Kitchen Wizz

Food Processor Rental

Breville Kitchen Wizz Rental

Breville Kitchen Wizz

Food Processor Rental

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Once we've delivered the item we'll also look after installation.

All food comes in different shapes and sizes. So how do you get any size slice you like?

Rent the amazing Kitchen Wizz from Breville and  cut longer slices and make processing faster and easier. No more chopping to fit in the chute. The Breville Kitchen Wizz features a wide feed chute that is large enough to accept whole potatoes. Combined with a chipping disc, the large chute helps make restaurant quality chip cuts and saves time on most other applications. 

Use the Quad Processing Blade - four blades instead of two, to cut through tasks quickly in the extra large 3.7L bowl. Or, for those smaller tasks, the mini processing bowl is the perfect size for small quantities. All backed by a heavy duty 2000 watt direct drive induction motor. The bowl sits directly on top of the motor for ultimate power and balance.

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The disc shafts are made from reinforced stainless steel so that the attachments stay steady during use. More precise cutting angles, so it copes better with heavy loads.

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  • Dry Capacity : 3.7L (large bowl) / 1.0L max (small bowl)
  • Liquid Capacity : 2.5L (large bowl) / 600ml max (small bowl)
  • Speed Settings : On and pulse
  • Blade System : Kinetix® Quad® Blade System
  • Feed Chute : Dual extra-wide feed chute for wide and thin food
  • Motor Type : Direct drive induction
  • Cleaning : Dishwasher safe parts
  • Safety Features : Safety locking system / non-slip feet
  • Additional Features : Timer mode - count up and down kitchen timer
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  • Free Installation*
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