Congratulations to our Competition Winners

Radio Rentals $50,000 Christmas Competition

Prize: Win 1 of 200 x $250 Visa Prepaid Cards

Aden S, NSW
Adrian P, NSW
Adrian P, TAS
Alanna N, QLD
Alexandra T, NSW
Alicia L, NSW
Amanda D, NSW
Amber-Lea D, TAS
Amy E, NSW
Andrew S, VIC
Anna C, NSW
Anne R, QLD
April B, NSW
Becky D, NSW
Belinda S, NSW
Bernadette R, QLD
Bernadette R, QLD
Brayden M, TAS
Brearna A, NSW
Bruce P, VIC
Burnadett Z, QLD
Carly B, QLD
Carly M, NSW
Charmaine H, NSW
Charmaine N, NSW
Christian C, QLD
Christie T, VIC
Ci'ara M, QLD
Cindy H, QLD
Cory W, TAS
Damian A, QLD
Danielle D, NSW
Danielle E, NSW
Danyelle B, TAS

Dave H, NSW
David C, WA
David Y, NT
Dawn B, NSW
Deborah R, VIC
Debra P, NSW
Donna O, VIC
Donna S, NSW
Dwayne N, QLD
Ebony S, QLD
Emma W, NSW
Erin A, NSW
Erin J, VIC
Faagalo M, NSW
Faith P, VIC
Felicity F, TAS
Fiona M, QLD
Frank R, QLD
Garry G, TAS
Gary M, VIC
Greg C, NSW
Heather R, QLD
Iisacc C, QLD
Jaclyn B, NSW
James D, NSW
Jamie B, VIC
Jamie S, NSW
Janelle N, WA
Janelle W, WA
Janie M, VIC
Jasinta M, QLD
Jason J, QLD
Jason L, QLD
Jeff L, NSW

Jemma P, NSW
Jenna C, NSW
Jenneane R, VIC
Jennifer S, NSW
Jessica B, QLD
Jessica C, TAS
Jessica H, NSW
Jessica W, WA
Jodie T, QLD
Joel N, WA
Joelline C, QLD
Joshua R, NSW
Judith P, VIC
Julianna L, NSW
Justin S, WA
Kayla C, NSW
Kayla C, QLD
Kayla W, QLD
Kellie C, NSW
Kendall S, WA
Kere T, QLD
Kevin J, TAS
Kieren P, QLD
Kyle R, QLD
Kylie C, NSW
Kylie L, QLD
Kylie M, QLD
Kylie P, VIC
Kyra C, QLD
Latoya M, QLD
Leanne D, VIC
Leonie K, VIC
Leslie J, NSW
Liam C, NSW

Linda S, VIC
Linsay C, QLD
Lisa B, VIC
Loren W, VIC
Loretta Q, QLD
Lucinda V, NSW
Luke H, NSW
Luke S, VIC
Madeline W, NSW
Maree P, VIC
Mark P, WA
Martin B, QLD
Mary N, ACT
Meagan C, QLD
Meekehleh D, QLD
Melina C, QLD
Michael A, QLD
Michael C, QLD
Michael E, WA
Michael G, NSW
Michael H, NSW
Michael S, VIC
Michael W, NSW
Micheal K, QLD
Michele W, NSW
Misty P, QLD
Natalie R, VIC
Nathan B, QLD
Nathan U, QLD
Olivia G, QLD
Paige F, VIC
Pamela K, VIC
Patricia S, QLD
Paul A, VIC

Penelope H, NSW
Peta R, QLD
Peter E, VIC
Peter M, WA
Peter N, QLD
Peter W, WA
Phyllis T, WA
Rachael B, NSW
Rachell J, NSW
Rebecca H, VIC
Rebecca-Lee G, NSW
Regina S, ACT
Renae B, NSW
Robert B, QLD
Robert H, QLD
Robert L, NSW
Rochelle F, NSW
Rodney B, QLD
Rodney P, NSW
Ronald H, NSW
Rosemarie L, VIC
Roslyn W, NSW
Ryan P, QLD
Sally S, NSW
Samantha B, VIC
Samantha H, NSW
Samantha W, TAS
Sara C, QLD
Sarah M, VIC
Sharnni S, NSW
Simone W, QLD
Skye A, QLD
Skye P, NSW
Sophie B, TAS

Stacey G, NSW
Stacey P, QLD
Stephen M, ACT
Stephen S, NSW
Steven J, NT
Steven K, NSW
Susan R, QLD
Talissa F, ACT
Talor D, NSW
Tamieka C, TAS
Tanayha T, NSW
Tanera O, NSW
Tanya B, QLD
Tayla L, VIC
Taylar A, QLD
Teleah T, WA
Terence C, QLD
Teresa D, VIC
Terria A, QLD
Thomas G, QLD
Tracey B, WA
Tracey M, NSW
Tyrone E, QLD
Valerie M, NSW
Wayne B, QLD
Wendy D, TAS
Westley S, NSW
William L, WA
Wilma R, NT

Voice of the Customer Survey Competition

Prize: $200 Visa Prepaid Cards

March 2020 Winner

Neil S, NSW

February 2020 Winner

Helen C, NSW

January 2020 Winner

Larney A, NSW

December 2019 Winner

Ian N, VIC

November 2019 Winner

Kayler J, VIC

October 2019 Winner

Sarah S, TAS





September 2019 Winner

Marion L, QLD

August 2019 Winner

Sharyn C, QLD

July 2019 Winner

Rachel N, NSW

June 2019 Winner

Clayton J, QLD

May 2019 Winner

Claudia N, QLD


April 2019 Winner

Deanna F, VIC

March 2019 Winner

Sallie-Anne A, QLD

February 2019 Winner

Olivia D, NSW


December 2018 Winner

Donna G, QLD

November 2018 Winner

Naomi A, NSW

October 2018 Winner

Angela S, NSW


September 2018 Winner

Dorothy S, ACT

August 2018 Winner

Peter C, NSW

July 2018 Winner

Allison C, QLD


June 2018 Winner

Cori M, QLD

May 2018 Winner

Catherine M, VIC

April 2018 Winner

Rosario B, NSW

Christmas 2018 TV Giveaway

Prize: Thorn 55” 4K Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV, valued at $1699.00 RRP.

Renee C, SA