Radio Rentals $10,000 Christmas Competition 2020

CONGRATULATIONS! Radio Rentals was giving away 50 x $200 Visa Prepaid Cards* and you are one of our lucky winners!

Prize: Win 1 of 50 x $200 Visa Prepaid Cards

Hannah E, NSW
Michelle D, NSW
Amy A, QLD
Shayne B, VIC
Latasha H, QLD
Tashara P, NSW
John B, VIC
Christopher K, NSW
Zaphira T, VIC
Dorinda A, WA

Kylie H, VIC
Michelle H, VIC
Marian H, WA
Diane H, WA
Bronwyn C, QLD
Scott L, NSW
Jaclyn H, VIC
Scott B, TAS
Davin C, NSW
Nicole J, VIC

Ofa P, VIC
Neil L, VIC
Stacey H, QLD
David S, VIC
Teremoana C, QLD
Luke P, QLD
Leeanne C, NSW
Danielle W, QLD
Kylie F, NSW
Stephanie R, VIC

Susan O, QLD
Drasy A, NSW
Dean S, NSW
Hannah L, NSW
Jessica F, NSW
Kimberley A, QLD
Steven F, TAS
Madison B, NSW
Terence S, NSW
Vavia K, QLD

Trent B, TAS
Kylie O, QLD
Ryan M, QLD
Kehu T, QLD
Terrence H, TAS
Kym J, QLD
Michele M, VIC
Dorita M, QLD
Tyler B, TAS
Marcus J, QLD

*Terms, conditions and fees apply. Subject to satisfactory credit assessment including credit checks. Consumer leases provided by Thorn Australia Pty Ltd, ABN 63 008454 439, Level 1, 62 Hume Highway, Chullora, NSW 2190. Australian Credit Licence 383003. Trading as Radio Rentals (except in South Australia) and RR Rentlo Reinvented in South Australia. Visa Prepaid Card issued by Heritage Bank Limited ABN 32 087 652 024 AFSL 240984 Australian Credit Licence 240984 pursuant to a license from Visa Worldwide Pte Ltd. Visa Prepaid Card fulfilment takes 2-8 weeks.