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Let Radio Rentals help you set up your technology and gaming needs. With the latest computer rentals, tablet, laptops, gaming devices rentals. We'll have you up and running in no time at all. We understand that computers and devices can be expensive and change all the time, that's why we offer flexible terms and pricing and the ability to upgrade at the end of the rental term. You'll always have the latest equipment and technology, keeping up to speed with today's changing world. Why not let our trained staff help you choose the best equipment for your needs. Or apply online. The choice is yours.

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Whether you run a business or are after a home computer hire, Radio Rentals can help you get the computer you want, sooner. For premium computer and laptop rentals to suit every need and budget, we have a great range of:



Do you use your computer hire to pay bills or to download and watch movies? Are you gamer or a student? Do you need a computer to check your emails and pay bills or are you better served with a more powerful computer rental for your home or office? Our extensive range of Acer, Apple and Fujitsu computer rentals and laptops for hire mean we have the right computer for your lifestyle and requirements.


Choose your computer hire with or without bundled software, from entry level computer rentals through to advanced computer models with powerful processor speeds and impressive storage. Enjoy outstanding multi-media capability and exceptional graphics, high definition screens and Dolby sound. Experience the latest innovative touch screen technology and stay connected to family and friends while enjoying a world of online entertainment at your fingertips.


At Radio Rentals, we also offer the latest tablets and smartphones for rent. Choose from Apple, Samsung and Thorn and enjoy great multi-media capability and access to a wealth of apps. Our range includes the latest Apple iPhone, iPad and iPad mini as well as Samsung Galaxy and the Thorn smartphones.


Need a printer rental? At Radio Rentals, we have colour printer rentals that are fast and able to handle multiple print jobs as well as different paper stocks. And if you need to hire office furniture, our office chairs and desk will help you fit-out your office with ease. 

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