Updated Thursday 23rd April 2020

Radio Rentals announces expansion of digital presence

Today we announced the permanent closure of Radio Rentals stores, however Radio Rentals’ business will continue to operate via our website. We are still here to manage your customer needs including any existing items you have on rent with us. In fact, Radio Rentals’ online store is available 24/7 for your convenience. Radio Rentals will introduce developments and innovation to enhance your online customer experience and product range available to meet your needs.

We have also further updated our FAQ’s for you. {COVID-19 updates FAQs}

If we have not covered something that is important to you, please give us a call on 131 181 and our friendly staff would be happy to assist.
From all of us at Radio Rentals, we thank you for being a valued customer and we look forward to supporting your ongoing needs.
Radio Rentals

Updated Thursday 2nd April 2020

Store Closure Announcement

For the safety of our staff, customers and the broader community during the evolving situation around COVID-19, please be advised that our physical stores are from tomorrow Friday 3rd April closed to the public until further notice.

You can still apply for items and we are still delivering!

It’s important for you to know that we are still open for business through our website. You can browse our website and still apply online. Our friendly staff are also available to take your call on 131 181 and are ready to help with your account and service enquiries or to help you apply over the phone.

We have compiled some FAQ’s for you.

We have tried to cover some of the questions you may have, if we have not covered something that is important to you, please give us a call on 131 181 and our friendly staff would be happy to assist. {COVID-19 updates FAQs}
From all of us at Radio Rentals, we thank you for being a valued customer and we look forward to supporting your needs during this time.
Radio Rentals

Updated Monday 30th March 2020

At Radio Rentals the health, safety and well-being of our customers and staff is of paramount concern during this challenging period for our entire community.  We as a company are committed to delivering value, choice and convenience to our valued customers wherever possible in this ever changing environment.

We would like to assure you that Radio Rentals is pro-actively taking measures and precautions for the safety of our staff and customers in light of ongoing announcements made by the World Health Organization as well as the Australian Government, and will abide by government regulations as they are announced.

Store Trading Hours, Deliveries and Installations

Limited trading hours for Radio Rentals stores have been put in place, however staff are contactable via phone on 131181 and via email in the event a store is closed. You can easily check our website for current trading hours of your local store. We will keep our store locator information updated as this situation continues to unfold.

We have also introduced the practice of social distancing in store, and ask that there be a distance of 1.5 meters between staff and customers, at all times for the safety of our community. The same social distancing requirement applies between customers in store.

You will also notice that staff whilst assisting you, may ask that you refrain from handling the displayed items.

There has also been an increased focus and training of staff on good hygiene processes. You may notice as a result some differences in day to day operation of stores and increased cleaning routines in store. We have also requested that any staff member who feels unwell, including general cold and flu symptoms to remain at home and apologies if this affects customer service in any way.

Our delivery and installation services are still operating as normal.  Radio Rentals staff and customers must answer a pre-installation checklist which includes the following safety questions:

  • Are you or anyone in your household suffering from any cold/flu like symptoms?
  • Are you required to be tested for COVID-19 virus or required to self-isolate?
  • Have you been exposed to anyone who has been required to self-isolate? Or
  • Have you travelled or been exposed to anyone who travelled overseas in the last 14 days

Should any of the questions be answered in the affirmative, installation will be unable to proceed.  We apologise for any inconvenience, however the safety of our staff and customers is of paramount concern.

Head Office Staff and Operations

Radio Rentals Head Office as a measure of social distancing has requested that all staff work from home, providing necessary tools and infrastructure and operations otherwise continue as normal.  Head office staff are still providing full support to store staff and customers alike.

All travel arrangements have been postponed and staff have been instructed to refrain from engaging in face to face meetings with suppliers or business partners.

Head Office staff receive regular communications keeping them up to date with World Health Organization and Australian Government announcements and the impact if any on operations.

Head office staff have an increased focus on hygiene and knowledge of COVID-19 symptoms and have been asked to advise management should they become unwell.

Keep connected

More broadly we ask all of our Radio Rentals staff and customers to keep abreast of Government recommendations with regards to social distancing and measures encouraged to assist our community in minimising risk during this time.

To keep up to date with the latest news from Radio Rentals and further COVID-19 updates, you can join our Facebook community or sign up for our newsletter via our website.

Important Links

Australian Government Department of Health: Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert

World Health Organization: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

Thank you in advance

As a business, we will continue to closely monitor updates from the Government and will keep you informed in a timely manner should there be further changes that may affect your customer experience with Radio Rentals.

We’d like to thank you our customers and our dedicated teams in advance for your patience and understanding as we work through the ongoing situation.