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Exercise at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home with Radio Rentals fitness rentals. We have a range of treadmills to suit different needs and lifestyles. Our treadmill rentals allow you to be in full control of your running with the ability to change your speed and incline with the touch of a button. You even have the added benefit of using the screen for entertainment purposes. Looking to entertain instead? Radio Rentals range of Beefeater BBQ rentals will have you entertaining in no time. Convenient and portable, these BBQ’s will become a staple at your next backyard BBQ, picnic or celebration. Browse our range today and choose from a range of colours and sizes suitable to you. Cooling down after firing up a BBQ is a must! And why not do so with our range of portable air conditioner rentals from Dimplex and Rinnai. These air conditioners are a reliable companion for those hot days and settings can be easily controlled from the push of a remote controller. The Dimplex range also has an in built dehumidifier to further help reduce that humidity. Browse our Fitness, House and Garden rentals range today and get the things you want sooner.

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