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Avoid the heat of summer and be toasty warm in winter with this Reverse Cycle Portable Air Conditioner from Midea. With a 3.5kW cooling and 2.9kW heating capacity, your room will be at the perfect temperature in no time at all. It even has a timer that lets you set the temperature to heat or chill the room even when you’re not there so you’ll always come home to the perfect temperature. Enjoy the convenience of portability and move the unit where you need it when you need it most– in the living room of an evening or your bedroom at night for increased comfort while you sleep.

It comes with a remote control and auto swing function that evenly distributes air throughout the room as well as an exhaust hose with fittings so you can connect it to an outside wall or sliding window and enjoy maximum airflow. With a no bucket design, the Midea air conditioner uses evaporative technology that helps eliminate condensed air and improve its efficiency. It also has a self-diagnosis and auto-protection function for added safety and reliability.

  • Reverse cycle portable air conditioner
  • 3500W cooling + 2900W heating capacity
  • Remote control
  • Auto swing function
  • Self-diagnosis and auto protection function
  • No bucket design
  • Timer

SKU - AC0011