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New Online Application Process

Our online application process is simple, paperless and hassle free. You can apply anytime using your computer, phone or tablet.

Our new digital application process uses Expresscheck to access 90 days of transaction history electronically. If you are on benefits, our application process accesses information required from myGov and digitally verifies you.

So, we can verify your personal details and all the information required for the credit decision process electronically.

We’re here to help

We understand life’s challenges and changing circumstances – and we want to get to know you!

We want to be sure that you can afford your rental and are here to help with your everyday needs and we are here to help.

If you’re approved, you will receive your contract electronically. Our new digital process allows you to sign your documentation electronically and return this to us. You will need to complete your Direct Debit form and make your first payment prior to delivery so we can progress with your contract.

Congratulations – your goods will be delivered to your door.

At Radio Rentals we’re here to help with your everyday rental needs.