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Responsible Rental Policy

Responsible Rental Policy

At Radio Rentals when we say we’ll give you a fair go, we mean it, that’s why we have so many loyal customers.

Our Responsible Rental Policy is our commitment to you and includes the following:

Tick Applications are assessed on your current situation and capacity to pay

Tick We will never over commit you - it’s not in your interest, or ours

Tick We offer you flexible options to support your changing lifestyle

Tick If you are having problems meeting your commitments you can contact our support hotline on 1300 600 650

Tick We are compliant with all credit legislation

Tick Radio Rentals is backed by the security of the Thorn Group

Tick At Radio Rentals, you can rely on getting a fair go

If you don’t think you are getting a fair go I encourage you to contact our support hotline.

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