Hitachi 32" HD TV with Built-In DVD Player

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Enhance your entertainment system with this Hitachi 32 inch TV with a built-in DVD player. Enjoy your favourite TV shows or simply play you beloved DVD movies with easiest operation from one remote control. This Hitachi TV features a High Definition television for a clear and vibrant vision, as well as a compact in-built DVD player. Perfect for any bedroom, kid’s room or kitchen to watch your collection of DVD movies conveniently.

  • 32 inch high grade High Definition TV to reproduce beautiful & natural images
  • Built-in DVD player to conveniently play DVD movies using one remote control
  • 3x HDMI inputs to connect to latest devices such as gaming console, pay-TV console & video camera
  • 1x USB port to view your favourite photos & downloaded movies, or record live TV show using your USB stick  
  • VGA input to connect to your laptop with VGA output to use it as a monitor  

SKU - LE3206